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Dar Guzeppa Debono was founded in 1985 by his Excellency Nicholas G. Cauchi, Bishop of Gozo in order to help single mothers and carry out pro-life activities

Mission Statement

To give support to single mothers and families in the following aspects: Self Awareness; Support Each Other; Getting to know about their rights; Re-inserting themselves in society; Looking positively towards the future; Helping other through their experience and to carry out pro-life activities.

Our History

Prior to 1985, a need to find a decent dwelling to unmarried mothers who sought refuge in Gozo was being continually asked for. The Church in Gozo, was faced with this reality and the person in charge, Fr.Manwel Curmi went to different communities asking for help. He also asked the community of which I was a member and at first it seemed to be ingenious to carry the responsibility of such a service since the community had other internal needs to look up to. There was another possibility that a member can take over if she feels that this is her call.