We organise various activities in order to create awareness about the beauty,sanctity and uniqueness of the gift of life, about teenage pregnancy and the dilemma of single mothers and fathers and about sexual health issues.

Lwien Project

The Lwien Project (ESF No. 3.108 - LWIEN) is the brainchild of Ms. Maria Attard, head of NGO Dar Guzeppa Debono, Mrs Frances Galea and Mrs Jennifer Mercieca both guidance teachers at the Gozo College Girls' Secondary School. The Project was part-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and offered young adolescent girls who have emotionally challenging behaviour and/or are single mothers between the ages of 14 and 18 years the opportunity of participating in accredited courses aimed at helping them adapt to new life-styles and better employment opportunities.


Spiritual Adoption

This means that you pray for a baby who is developing in her/his mother's womb and who is at risk of abortion. You pray for the baby throughout the nine months s/he takes to develop in the womb. Choose a spiritual name for the baby and give a probable due date. Those who are interested in doing this project are asked to contact us on 21552595 or to send us an email on info​@​ and we will provide them with the necessary information and the monthly cards.

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