Life Issues

The phrase "life is full of challenges" includes in it not only those who are already inhabiting this world but also those who are still making their way into it, therefore such challenges must be addressed in such a way that no damage is done to us or to others - including the unborn child.

Theology of the Body

Last month Dar Guzeppa Debono organized a series of lectures on the theme of Relationships at the Sir M.A. Refalo Centre for Further Studies in Victoria, Gozo (aka 6th Form) for first year studies. As part of this week-long course, I was asked to present a paper on the Theology of the Body. Given the short time available, the paper focused on a synthetic introduction regarding Christian anthropology, followed by a brief presentation of three situations that cause alienation from our truth as incarnate beings, to present three instruments that could help us "live" or "inhabit" our bodies in order to comunicate and relate with other human beings.

Download this file (Teoloġija tal-Ġisem (TOB).pdf)Teoloġija tal-Ġisem (preżentazzjoni)[Slides użati għall-preżentazzjoni.]1345 kB
Download this file (Theology of the Body_Jan 2013.pdf)Teoloġija tal-Ġisem (paper)[Paper b'indikazzjoni bibliografiċi.]543 kB


Child's Best Interest - A Call to Reflection

During this second week of the electoral campaign the question of adoption by homosexual couples came in the forefront as the two main political parties' leaders, Joseph Muscat (PL) first and then Laurence Gonzi (PN) concurred that the best interest of the child should be sought when it comes to entrusting them in the care of a couple irrespective if it's a heterosexual or a homosexual one.