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We offer various type of services in order to provide help and support to single mothers, fathers and their respective families

Parenting Skills Courses

Offered to couples who have or are expecting a baby out of wedlock. Individual attention to each and every couple is guaranteed which offers flexibility in choosing the most appropriate days and times for the meeting to take place. This course is entrusted to a qualified teacher in this field.
The course consists of seven lessons of one hour and a half each and which take place once a week. These are the discussed topics:


Support for Couples

We organise meetings to support couples who have or else are expecting a baby out of wedlock. During these meetings the couple will be taught about the various phases in the relationshipand and will be helped to identify in which phase they currently are. The couple is helped to adapt to the sudden big change that a baby brings with him/her.


Fostering and Adoption

A Fostering Course for those who wish to be foster carers is provided by the foster care team at ‘Appogg’ which offer exceptional courses at ‘Dar Guzeppa Debono’ home. Fostering is a way by which a family can take care of children who are raised in families where their upbringing is not easy for many different circumstances. Some families might also be referred to adoption services.

Residential Services

Residential service is also offered to teenage mothers who might wish to have an alternativee residnce apart of their home. The main aim is to give all the privacy that is required by the teenage mother who wants to be relieved from social pressures that might be daunting her. Alternatively teenage mothers can better find themselves and deal better with their problems in tranquil and secure environment.


Support Groups

A support group for teenage mothers is also offered once a month. Here, teenage mothers meet and share their opinions and experiences with the others and above all are listened to and given the support required. The idea of a group instill in these people a sense of strength and courage to share one’s own personal experiences with others. Above all, every person is seen as a unique person having its own personal life and experiences.