Parenting Skills Courses

Offered to couples who have or are expecting a baby out of wedlock. Individual attention to each and every couple is guaranteed which offers flexibility in choosing the most appropriate days and times for the meeting to take place. This course is entrusted to a qualified teacher in this field.
The course consists of seven lessons of one hour and a half each and which take place once a week. These are the discussed topics:

  • Identifying the responsibilities of the parents
  • Understanding the rights and duties of each member in the family
  • The importance of being honest with children and other members in the family
  • The importance of listening to the children and offer them choice
  • Recognition of the main stages in the development of children and being aware of the different ways of ensuring a good behaviour
  • Understand how children are taught different lessons from activities that happen in their daily life
  • Being aware of the different needs of parents